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Пансионат на 1й линии Черного моря
Бесплатные развлечения для гостей: аквапарк, батуты, Wi-Fi и др.
Комфортабельные номера


Carolina Bugaz Zatoka , boarding house Ruta is a unique place for carrying out the most unforgettable holiday in your life.This corner of the Southern coast gained the popularity for a long time and won the whole army of the admirers preferring bright and comfortable rest. Zatoka and Carolina Bugaz is vacation spots which are popular not only among our compatriots, but also among huge number of foreign tourists.Rest house and hotels of Bugaz are looking forward fans of high-grade rest not only at the height of a beach season, but also long before its beginning.Odessa region is capable to make rest bright and unforgettable, and numerous and various places Carolina Bugaz, hotels and bases will provide its comfort and carefree pastime.The resort Carolina Bugaz is that place which allows to find all the best and the most interesting to you, that help to save your money. Carolino Bugaz offers all comfort and cozy recreation private houses, among which you can easily choose the one that can satisfy all your requirements and meet the level of affluence.This resort is able to satisfy the tastes and demands of any client. Hotels, a cozy lodge, a luxurious mansion, the base or holiday home - choose what you like and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.Carolino Bugaz is picturesque corner of the azure Black Sea coast, which is intense and growing rapidly, attracting every year a growing number of tourists not only from Ukraine but also foreigners.The resort is situated along the sandy spit, stretching over 20 kilometers, washed by the waves of the Black Sea and the estuary of the Dniester.

It extends along the magnificent beaches that are so tempting for its clean golden sand and gentle surf noise.

The successful geographical position, favorable climate, a comfortable distance from the major industrial centers and the absence of any industry make it a real joy for all who are tired of gray urban everyday, stuffy offices and apartments and noisy dusty streets.A calm and measured life resort town makes it an ideal place for family vacations.

A well-developed infrastructure Carolino Bugaz , a varied program of entertainment and vibrant nightlife makes the resort an irreplaceable for active and meaningful vacation mode non stop.The proximity to the development of large cities makes the rest of Zatoka comfortable.Having a rest from the hustle and bustle on the shore of azure coast in peace and quiet of country resort town, you will, if necessary, within a maximum of 40 minutes can easily get into the center of Odessa.This will allow people who are working routine does not allow to plunge into the carefree holiday, combine it with the work.Or maybe you want to go through the trendy boutiques and shops, go to the Dolphinarium, go to the cinema, etc. This is not a problem. Convenient transportation will help you reach from the resort town to town and back in the shortest time.

Do you want to visit the largest aqua park Black Sea coast? No problem! Koblevo Water Park is waiting for you. Quite a bit of time, and you are experiencing all kinds of water slides and attractions, relax in the pool and enjoy the gentle sun.

For those who wish to combine a nice vacation and recovery of the organism, Carolino Bugaz will be the ideal solution. The beneficial and relaxing effects of the Black Sea on human health has long been known.People come here to improve their health not only from Ukraine but also a huge number of foreign tourists.

The pleasant climate, useful salts and minerals of the Black Sea, mud baths and solar - all this is waiting for you here.There opens a great opportunity to enjoy the process for fishing enthusiasts .You must experience all the benefits of marine fishing.

It is found up to 150 fish species, many of which can hit you with their beauty.

In addition, thera is a large number of crayfish and crabs and other amphibians in these waters contain. Everyone can spend time with a fishing rod in his hand - Carolina Bugaz irreplaceable! This resort has long established itself as the perfect place for active and relaxing family vacation.No wonder it attracts a huge number of tourists every summer. There are all facilities represented a diverse entertainment program, which will appeal to every visitor.There is a huge selection of clubs that can please fans of bright and active night life.And for those who appreciate an active, dynamic and extreme day hanging out, a whole lot of beach activities.Would you like to ride on a banana, have fun on the water slides, ride a boat or a catamaran, go on a tour of the coastline? No problem. All that we have.Do not torment yourself with endless searching and agonizing doubts as to where your cherished holiday? The answer is obvious, come here and you will spend the best and unforgettable experience in your life in Carolina Bugaz.